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Once Upon a Sippy Cup…

When our daughter was starting out on sippy cups, I remember doing an endless amount of research. I wanted to find the best sippy cups for babies. We experimented with a million different ones with Juliette. So, now with JC we kind of already knew what we preferred. Of course, all kids are different. Luckily, it worked out for us and JC has loved our picks (so far). I hope this helps because I sure wish I would’ve found a comprehensive list like this when my daughter was starting on sippy cups. Those things are so dang expensive!

Types of Sippy Cups & Things to Consider

Incase you’re struggling to find some great sippy cups out there, I’m here to save you some time. I figured I’d share my top three favorite ones. There are other great ones too that we’ve tried. However, these are the three that have stood out the most to us in four categories. They are the following; (1) Easy Cleaning, (2) Accessible parts, (3) Spill/Leak Proof, and (4) Suction. I didn’t mean for it to pan out this way, but I actually ended up having three different types of cups. I guess that’s a good thing, right? I’m sharing a spoutless cup, a straw cup and a cup with a soft spout.



[Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup 7oz]

These are a favorite with both kiddos in our house. We have the trainer version, the toddler one and the stainless steel cup. It’s hands down are absolute favorite for so many reasons. This cup is a big hit amongst parents and kids. And I can see why it is…

  • Easy Cleaning: 3 total parts to clean. THAT’S IT! If you purchase a lid, it’ll be 4. But they are all very simple to take apart. Nothing complicated which is why we love it so much.
  • Accessible Parts: Instead of purchasing a brand new cup every single time, you can buy whatever piece you need for this one. WIN! You can buy just the collar, the silicone piece, a lid, etc.
  • Spill/Leak Proof: This cup is pretty spill/leak proof. If your child tosses it, it will splash a bit when it lands on the floor. Other than that, we’ve never experienced any major leaks or spills.
  • Suction: When it comes to suction, I will say it’s pretty easy to get the liquid out of the cup. When your child presses their lips onto the rim, the liquids starts to flow easily.

This sippy retails for about $6 at major retailers and on Munchkins website.


[OXO TOT Transitions Straw Cup and Soft Spout Cup w/ Removable Handles 6oz]

These are some of the best straw and spout cups out there. I never hear people talk about them at all. We never got to try these with Juliette, but we got them for JC. A fun fact about these is that the tops are all interchangeable with this cup line. So, you can mix and match colors, cup sizes, etc. Pretty neat, right? I think so! They are pricey cups, but I believe they are worth every penny. OXO makes outstanding products and these cups show that. They are very sturdy and feel high quality.

  • Easy Cleaning: Each cup has removable handles. You can use them while baby needs them. And once they no longer need the handles, you can remove them. Everything can be taken apart to clean thoroughly; which I love! I always make sure that whatever sippy cup I get, I can completely take apart. On the straw cup, you can detach the sliding cover to get into every nook and cranny. The straw also comes apart for easy cleaning.  And on the spout cup, you can remove the soft spout, the flip top and the collar.
  • Accessible Parts: I love that I can replace the straws or the spouts on these cups. Whenever they get disgusting, I can just buy a new one. They come in packs of 2 for $3.99 on the OXO website.
  • Spill/Leak Proof: Out of all of the straw and soft spout cups my kids have tried, this one is by far the ONLY one that does not leak or spill. It is completely leak and spill proof. Thank goodness!
  • Suction: Both the straw and spout have a pretty cool feature. There is a small flap that opens and closes when the child presses their lips on the straw or spout and sucks. It opens that flap and the liquids flow freely. They don’t need to suck super hard to get the liquids out. While there is a bit of pressure that needs to be applied it isn’t nearly as much as other cups on the market.

These cups retail for about $10 each at major retailers and on OXO’s website.


I hope this post was helpful for you. Finding the right cup for your child can be difficult and like I mentioned before, EXPENSIVE!

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